You likely take your vehicle in to get it serviced at recommended intervals to ensure that it runs properly. If a misaligned car isn’t fixed your engine could blow, or your transmission could require replacement.

Chiropractic care is similar in that minor repairs to the body can help avoid major problems down the road. This form of natural health care can help the body heal itself better. Your body may be trying to heal, but if you have interference in your spine and nervous system it won’t be able to. Once you remove the interference, your body can function optimally.

One of the most common things that Dr. Tyler and Arielle Lovell hear from patients is that their body feels lighter after they get adjusted. If you have a door that’s on poorly aligned hinges, it doesn’t move easily, and it feels heavy. It’s not heavy but just misaligned.

When you realign the hinges, it swings easily like it’s supposed to. It’s not as heavy as it was. Chiropractic care also reduces pain, improves motion and promotes better sleep. The body wants to repair itself when under care.

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